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{ρσкємση} αωαкє αη∂ αℓινє {η} : 01

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:30 pm

The fanfiction section is neglected! So I'll dig out a little something I have left over from about half a year or so ago. I hope I've posted this in the right place - I'm so used to the Den. silent Be sure to yell at me if I didn't!

I'm at war with the world
And they try to pull me into the dark

N watched as bright purple eyes stared up at him blinking once or twice, in her hands she held a Pokeball. She smiled amiably up at him, bouncing on the balls of her bare feet and causing her ribbon and dress to sway with the motion.

"Will you have a Pokemon battle with me?" she inquired. N blinked, she almost seemed hesitant to ask this, not like so many Trainers who often demanded one with a confident that bordered on arrogance.

A smile made its way over his own lips and he nodded. "Of course."

The girl bounced up and down even more, her feet leaving the ground in the moments she did so as she giggled happily. N couldn't help but give a chuckle, it was almost as if she wasn't the eighteen year old she appeared to be but a child instead.

"Wonderful! Thank you, mister!" she answered moving to give them the room needed for the battle. "Cottonee and I will do our best!"

As N reached for his Purrloin's Pokeball the duo were interrupted with a loud shout.
"Lady Alice!"

N watched in confusion as a look of shock and guilt flashed across the woman's face and she seemed to hug the Pokeball closer to her chest as she glanced over to the owner of the voice as he rushed up to her. "You know you're not supposed to be outside! You could catch your death!"

"But I'm sick of being stuck inside..." came the grumbled reply as Alice looked down at her bare toes, shuffling them within the grass and dirt beneath them. "Isn't it supposed to be good for a sick person to get some fresh air."

"Nonsense, you know what your parents have stated. Now come along." the man rushed, taking a hold of the woman's arm and leading her away. N watched, feeling a heavy and unfamiliar weight upon his chest as Alice flashed him a sad look as she was led away.

I struggle to find my faith
And I'm slipping from your arms


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Re: {ρσкємση} αωαкє αη∂ αℓινє {η} : 01

Post by Dawn on Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:51 pm

This is the right place, yes. I have a lot of different sections just in case. I very much liked this, and I may have to look up more of your fan fiction in the Den. Very Happy
Though I am pretty much just a reader.

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