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Post by Guest on Sun Aug 19, 2012 9:14 pm

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Alice sat upon her bed, knees drawn up close and her pillow clutched between her arms as she laid her head upon them and stared out the window sadly. Cottonee sat upon the bed with her, gazing outside as well and occasionally at his Trainer.

The two had become fast friends when she had caught him wandering outside of Pinwheel forest, before she had been declared too sick to go outside (though at that time she still had her butler with her as well, a precaution her parents decided upon).

Even at age eighteen and she was still forced to stay inside. She loved her family too much to argue against it as hard as she really wanted to.

And so she moped within her room with Cottonee, her red hair down from the usual pig tails and in a night gown.

Rustling in the bushes drew the duo’s attention to it and Alice perked up, a curious expression upon her face as she watched.

“Tonee?” Cottonee inquired, the little leaf-like appendages on his body flapping up and down as he prepared to defend his beloved Trainer if need be.

“Hello,” smiled the disturber as he emerged from the large and neatly trimmed bushes. He brushed stray leaves from his clothes as he made his way to the large window that Alice resided in. She blinked at him in surprise recognizing him as the man she had asked for a battle just days ago.

“It’s you!”

“Well that’s not very kind, I have a name, too.” he chuckled good naturedly before smiling at Cottonee as well who had settled down upon recognizing the man. “It’s N.”

Alice moved closer to the window, tossing her pillow aside as she leaned out over the sill. Cottonee moved closer to her. “N? That’s a strange name....” she mused.

“Cot cotton nee! Nee!”

“I believe your Cottonee is right that that was a little rude as well.” N chuckled again reaching up to pat the fluffy Pokemon atop his head. Cottonee cooed happy at the attention as Alice blushed.

“S-Sorry. My name is Alice. Pleased to meet you!” she resumed smiling as she held out a hand for N to shake.

Unaccustomed to such a thing, having been around Pokemon his father had brought to him most of his life, N took it in his a little awkwardly, unsure if this was how it was supposed to go. “Y-You as well...”

“So, N, what brings you to my home?” Alice questioned, eyes brimming with curiosity over the man. She hadn’t had much interaction with anyone outside of her home in years after all and she was hungry for it. “You’re not a stalker are you?”

N gave a nervous chuckle at the accusation.
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