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Post by Guest on Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:37 am

ωяιттєη ιη тнє ѕтαяѕ |✯| ρкмη [00] WrittenintheStarsB1

Echo laid on her bed, staring up at the screen of her DSi. She had picked up on playing Pokemon Black to pass the time. She was alone in her apartment; a familiar feeling between the weeks that she had moved out, waiting on her family to move in. She filled the silence by turning the volume up, wandering through Nacrene City.

She'd played this game before; knew the story and the events. The excitement that it once held, exploring a new region and finding new characters and Pokemon had been flushed out into a familiar routine. Naturally, playing so often, she knew she would face N again. They'd go over the same programed dialogue and she would be able to move on freely.

She had to admit, at times, she wished that she had more of a choice in the game. It was always a simple 'yes or no' answer. These were the only choices you had. She wasn't able to shun this plot of playing the hero. In this game, she was forced into it. She knew it was the games plot device and it was the entire story itself. But at the same time, she felt she wanted more out of it.

She often attempted to leave the feeling behind. It was nothing – just taking a game entirely too seriously. She'd been know for it after all. She looked deeper into things while others only choose to look at the surface. In a way, it was a gift and a curse. Some got her deeper thinking, others didn't. It was hard to make friends who didn't quite understand another persons way of thinking.

But the feeling she tried to suppress, that manner of deep thinking; it always came back when she turned on Pokemon Black. She didn't understand it but she didn't take too much stock into it either. She wrote it off as her odd way of thinking.

Pushing down on the D-Pad, she maneuvered her character toward the gym. She wanted to enter but something blocked her way. On cue, as the game was programed, N appeared. He blocked her characters path and began to speak.

Echo sped through most of it, hitting the “Yes or No” questions. She sighed upon seeing them once again. Though she didn't understand why, she found herself annoyed with seeing them constantly again.

“It'd be nice to have a different choice.” She muttered her displeasure.

Something different happened. Something unexpected and new. As if answering her statement, N had spoken differently. Not the programmed statements he normally made.

“You wish for a different choice?”

“Yes or no?”

Echo raised an eyebrow at that. She opened her mouth to reply and closed it again. Staring at the screen, she hesitated between both choices. She briefly wondered if someone hacked her game. But she didn't know who or how. She knew her sisters did snoop through her things once in a while but neither knew how to hack a game like this. There was no one else she knew who could have done it. So was this just a game hack? She couldn't be sure.

Finally, she chose 'yes' for her answer. She did want a different choice, one that gave her more leeway in what she could do.

Her heart raced as she waited for a reply. It took time and she wondered if perhaps her game had frozen. But N finally moved, spreading his arms out wide as he did when 'making a point' in the game.

“You wish for a different choice. I'll give one to you. But you might not like it. Please don't be angry with me.

It's the choice you made, after all.”

Those words were unsettling to her. But she didn't have time to process them. The screen to her game began glowing steadily before a bright white engulfed her vision. She didn't scream or move but she did close her eyes; attempting to shield the white light from her vision. All at once, that white was replaced with darkness and she slipped into a deep sleep.

✯ - ✯ - ✯ - ✯ - ✯ - ✯ - ✯ - ✯ - ✯ - ✯

Something different had happened that day. N had discovered the outside world; where people and Pokemon lived together. Some had healthy relationships, ones that confused him. Others though, he knew they were being hurt and had no place to go; no one to turn to for help. He wanted to be a savior to all Pokemon. That was why he ventured into the world he knew so little of.

At first it had been strange. Strange people, odd sights. It wasn't anything he had been used to comfortable in his home. But he eventually settled into a routine over time. Everything became 'normal' for him.

But today, his routine had been disturbed.

N stood on the outskirts of Nacrene City. He was just coming up on the city itself when something stopped him in his tracks. A bright beam of light exploded from the sky out of no where, almost blinding the young man. He found he couldn't tear his gaze from the beam of light, slowly falling toward the earth. His heart pounded against his chest as the light grew dimmer and dimmer, until it eventually faded away.

His heart raced long after the light had dimmed and faded. What had it been and where had it come from? Did a Pokemon cause it? He raked his mind, trying to think of a Pokemon that could produce such a magnificant, glimmering light. The only explination could have been a legendary. But which one?

Footsteps broke his trance. His gaze finally torn from the sky, they found Ghetsis standing before him. He gave the man a questioning look, silently willing him to speak of why he was here.

“Seek what that light had delivered.” He finally spoke, his tone flat.

N blinked, confusion on his face. “What was it?” He inquired.

“You will see when you find it.” Ghetsis responded quickly.

N didn't question further. There wouldn't be a point in it. He wouldn't get any further answers from Ghetsis. He would simply follow the advice he had given him.

Regardless, N would have gone and investigated anyways. That light was fascinating, something he had never seen before. It was too much to be an attack from a Pokemon – even the mighty legendaries couldn't produce something such as that. He wanted to know what it had been, what had created it and why.

Sparing one last glance toward Ghetsis, he began on his way again; an unexpected detour on his mind. Whatever that light was, whatever it brought; he would find out. Ghetsis seemed to think it was important. If it served a role in their plan to free Pokemon from humans, he would seek it out, even if he had to cross the world to do it.


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