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Post by Guest on Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:38 am

Echo was in a dream. A dark place where little light penetrated through. A weight was pressed on her chest and she struggled for air. Peering through her eyelids, she saw bubbles gently rising to the surface. She was under water. Her lungs were burning, begging for her to take a breath. Panic settled in her stomach as she began swimming up, hoping to break the surface. It felt as if she was going no where fast and her body only reacted to the lack of air and panic worse.

Pressure continued to push against her chest as if trying to force her to take a breath. She refused however, her legs pumping wildly, trying to direct her toward the surface. A faint light caught her sight. She hoped that light would save her, that she would make it up and be okay; breath the air her lungs so desperately wanted.

Just as she reached out for the light – for what she hoped to be the surface, something wrapped about her ankle. She screamed, losing what little air she had left and was dragged into the depths she had tried so hard to escape.

✯ - ✯ - ✯ - ✯ - ✯ - ✯ - ✯ - ✯ - ✯ - ✯

Echo shot up from her sleep, a scream caught in her throat. She panted heavily, her body and mind trying to make heads or tails of what had been a dream and what was now reality. She shivered as she let herself lay back down. Placing a hand on her forehead, she tried to catch her breath.

“What a dream...” She mumbled, closing her eyes once again.

She laid there for a while, letting her body calm down from the effects of the nightmare. She hadn't felt that kind of fear brought about from a dream in a long while. It was horrible, reminding her of the nights she'd stay awake simply because of the lingering horror she had felt. Briefly, she wondered why it had been water. She was afraid of drowning, yes, but she had more nightmares of falling than she did in the water. That's when she realized her clothing and hair was drenched, plastered to her body. Her eyes shot open once again. Sitting up, she began examining herself and her surroundings.

She no longer resided in her room but sat upon grass. Trees towered over head, blocking warmer sunshine from hitting her. The sky was a deep blue and the temperature was comfortable. A few puffy white clouds drifted in the sky.

Echo stared wide eyed. This wasn't her home. She didn't know where she was. One minute she was in her room, passing the time. The next, drenched in water, staring out into the distance. What had happened. She didn't drink; never touched a drop of alcohol in her life. She never had issues with memory lose – at least, not until now it seemed. She was left in a fog. No answer she could think of was brought forward. She had been home, now she was here. She couldn't find an explanation. That was until a little voice pipped in, catching her attention.


Slowly, Echo's gaze fell, finding the source of the voice. “Osh, Oshawott!”

Echo's stomach seemed to do a back flip, twisting and turning as her brain tried to make sense of this sudden panic. She didn't know what expression she had worn, but she assumed it switched from confused to horrified. She was horrified. She wasn't able to make logical sense of this. Here in front of here stood a creature of pure fiction. It was a Pokemon staring up at her with a mixed expression of confusion and uncertainty.

She swallowed hard in attempts to clear the lump in her throat. But it remained lodged there, keeping her words prisoner. The two stared at each other for what seemed like hours. All at once, a burst of energy shot through her. She was on her feet and pacing frantically, her words moving a mile a minute.

“How could this happen...W-when did it happen?! I can't be here, it's not possible! What about my job? I'll get fired! What will they think...what will my boss thing?! My...What about my mom?”

She halted in her pacing. All other words, these questions that no one could answer, died on her tongue. She knew her mom would be devastated if she never came home. Echo was all she had. If she just up and disappeared without reason, never to be found, her mother would be grief stricken. She didn't know if the woman would be able to pull out of that kind of depression. She didn't know if her mom would make it at all.

Echo bit her trembling lip. Her hands balled into fists, shaking with rage. For some reason, she lifted her head toward the sky. Her eyebrows knitted with fury, she screamed at the sky, as if it were responsible for bringing her here; as if it was the simplest thing to blame.

“Take me back!” She demanded. “This isn't want I wanted!” Her voice cracked mid sentence. Hanging her head low, she wiped her watery eyes. “When I said I wanted a different choice, I didn't mean this.”

She glanced at the Oshawott. The Pokemon stiffened notably. It probably thought she was crazy or disturbed, shouting at the sky. Drying her face with the end of her poncho, she knelt down. She stared at the Pokemon, studying it as if trying to decided if it was real or if this was still a dream. She could deal with a dream right now. If it would all just vanish and she was home again, she wouldn't have minded. Some might have thought of this as a dream come true. A childhood fantasy come to life. But Echo had her family, her job, everything. She made a stupid wish. And now it seemed she was stuck here.

Oshawott titled her head to one side slightly. She stared back at the human, waiting for her to move again. But the human woman never did. She just sat there, seeing and unseeing. It was like she detached herself from the world for a moment. Oshawott wasn't sure about it. She didn't like the way this human was acting. She wasn't like the others. She was different and the human's behavior distressed the small Pokemon.

She wanted to run away. Oshawott was overly cautious of most things. This was no different. So she attempted to. She quickly turned, mind set on sprinting away – getting as much distance between herself and this human.

“Hey,” The Oshawott halted, turning her head slightly. The human spoke up. She was speaking to her. “You're not going to leave? Don't leave, okay? I don't know where I am or what's going on. I'd rather not be alone. So...if you could stick around, I'd really appreciate it.”

Oshawott watched the female. She had sat down now, her legs crossed Indian style. She appeared calm and quiet on the outside. But Oshawott could feel the tension. The human had some inner turmoil hidden away. She was worried. Oshawott wasn't sure as to why.

But, against all other judgment, she stayed. “Osha.” She replied, holding her nose in the air as if to show she didn't like the fact she had been 'begged' to stay with the human. At least the human managed a smile. A small one, but it was still something.

✯ - ✯ - ✯ - ✯ - ✯ - ✯ - ✯ - ✯ - ✯ - ✯

“Ash! Ash, wait up!” Iris called, chasing after the overly excited trainer. Behind her, Cilan followed. “Ash, are you even listening to me?!”

Cilan laughed slightly. “Nothings going to stop him Iris,” he answered for Ash. “He's too caught up in that strange light.”

This was how their journey had been since meeting the young trainer named Ash. He was a bundle of energy. Nothing seemed to slow him down. If he had a chance for another battle or seeing a new Pokemon, he'd take it in a heart beat. This often meant that she and Cilan were following ten feet behind him while Ash seemed twenty feet ahead. Today was no different.

When the trio witnessed the sky explode in light, the only explanation any could find was it had to be caused by a Pokemon. No man made machine could have caused it. The moment Ash considered the cause to be a Pokemon, he took off. If it had been a Pokemon, it had to be strong considering the light it had produced, the sound, the intense felling he got watching it. So he had to run. He wanted to catch it after all. He had to be there first before any other trainer decided to investigate as well.

“Come on guys!” He shouted back to his friends. “I think we're almost there!”

The trees seemed like nothing but a blur as they came upon the forest. Pikachu's ears twitched occasionally, searching out any sound that seemed unfamiliar to help his trainer. But all seemed normal. Pikachu wandered just as much as Ash did; just what was that light? What were they trying to find?

Pikachu's ears twitched suddenly. He heard something. It was loud but quickly died away like a faint whisper. He almost missed it. The mouse Pokemon quickly hopped off Ash's shoulders. Ash came to a halt as Pikachu slowed.

“You find something buddy?” He inquired, staring at Pikachu expectantly.

“Pika! Pik, pikachu!”

Ash's grin widened. It was a good thing he had someone like Pikachu around. His buddy always picked up on things he could see or hear.

“Can we slow down now?” Iris questioned, nearly breathless. She panted heavily, shooting a slight glare at Ash.

Ash seemed to ignore her expression. He simply grinned, his excitement apparent on his face. “Not yet! I think we're almost there! Pikachu! Lead the way!”


Iris groaned as Ash took off again. “Come on,” Cilan reassured. “Maybe it is something amazing! We should try to keep up!”

“Ugh, not you too Cilan...”

There was no time for further argument. Ash had started running again, ignoring the branches that brushed by him. When they made contact with his skin, it occasionally stung. But he was far too excited to pay mind to it. Pikachu was ahead. He had to keep an eye on his friend.

What seemed like an eternity of running, the group finally emerged in a clearing. They stood, heads turning this way and that, seeking something that was no longer there.

“Well great!” Iris huffed. She flopped down onto the ground, clearly annoyed. “We did all of that for what? An empty field.”

“But Pikachu heard something.” Ash argued. His once excited expression had disappeared. The boy felt crest fallen. He wanted to see what had caused the light.

“Whatever it was,” Cilan intervened. “It looks like it might have run off. If it really was a Pokemon, there's still a chance of seeing it. Don't worry, we may see it some day soon.”

This lifted Ash's spirits, even if it had only been a little. The chance to see it was better than none at all. He'd settle for it, at least for the moment.

“Can we go back?” Iris inquired, slight annoyance laced in her tone.

“Yea,” Ash replied. “Sorry about that Iris. Guess I got a little too excited...”

“You're such a kid.” Was her simple rebuttal.

Iris rose to her feet, groaning to express her legs were tired enough. Ash had dragged them out here for nothing. They left with a small hope that they could see what had been there. But they did not know that what had been there hadn't been a Pokemon at all...


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