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Don't be afraid to cry.

Piper had met Casshern by chance. The woman nearly struck him with an arrow on a hunt. She was human, vulnerable and needed to eat. Casshern was not what she expected to find the day she went hunting. True, the ruins didn't hold much for humans but she'd never expected something, or rather, someone like this.

From that point on, she followed Casshern. It was more out of curiosity then a want for a companion. The ruin had swallowed up everything precious to her in the past. She never wanted to get close to anyone after that, fearing the hurt that would overcome her if she lost another. No, for this man, she simply wanted to know what he was up to.

He protested at first. Claimed that anyone who came near him would die; that he was dangerous and she should stay away. Often times, Piper would linger behind until he stopped checking for her. She than chose to catch up. After a while, it seemed her gave up protesting entirely.

It was after all the protesting that she began speaking openly; asking for his name and what he was doing. Nights and days started to feel fuller travelling with him. She didn't know how destination but she still followed, beginning to enjoy being with someone else.

One day, during their endless walking, he spoke breaking their silence.

"You should hate me." He had said.

This statement left Piper confused. She knew the man to brood but he spent more time listening to her own words and experience rather than speaking his own.

"Why's that?" She inquired quickly after.

Casshern narrowed his eyes, a somber expression overtaking his features. She knew that look. When something was on his mind, she noticed that expression most. She wondered just what it was that was in his head. These thoughts he never shared until now.

"Because of me," he began. "You've lost everything. You're hurting because of it. Everyone does."

"Casshern, I don't follow..."

He raised his head, glancing at the female. "I've heard that you humans cry when you're sad. Why don't you?"

Piper stared at him. An all too familiar lump filled her throat. She briefly wondered how something she hadn't felt in so long could be so recognizable. Trying to swallow, she found it didn't help. Tears began welling up in her eyes.

"Casshern, what do you..."

Hot, wet, tears began running down her face. She tried to wipe them away, stop them before she lost control of her emotions. All at once however, her grief she'd bottled up seemed to burst. Sadness so overpowering, she collapsed onto her knees, burying her face in her hands. She screamed, chocking on sobs until her throat was raw.

Even through that pain, her tears refused to stop. Freed from their prison, she cried into the night. Her sleeve was soaked with the salty water by the time she managed to calm down. Her eyes were puffy and red, her throat sore. Strangely though, she felt lighter. A great weight she had ignored for so long had finally been lifted from her shoulders.

As she stared into the fire, unable to sleep, she swallowed hoping that the saliva would calm her sore throat. The relief only lasted a moment but it was enough to speak.

She lifted her gaze toward Casshern whom seemed to be lost in brooding again.

"Casshern." She voice was scratchy and soft. It hurt too much to speak much louder. Thankfully, it was enough to catch his attention. He stared at her silently, waiting for her to continue.

"Thank you."

He didn't know why she had thanked him. He hadn't expected it. For one who had committed such a great sin, there was no forgiveness or compassion. Yet, she'd thanked him as if his crime meant nothing to her.

She had cried for a long time. He wondered how that could have made her better, to bring about her thanks. It was something he didn't understand. Yet for whatever reason, it made him feel lighter himself.

Such a simple thing like crying, did it fix the human who decided to travel with him? He didn't know but he hoped he would have many other chances to find out.

Tears have the magic to heal a broken heart.


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